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"But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave." Jesus Christ (Matthew 20:26, 27 NLT)

Leadership Training For Managers

This leadership programme  aims to transform managers into leaders who are self-aware and self-motivated, who can deal with a high level of complexity, who understand different markets, both developed and emerging, and who can work efficiently and effectively in an increasingly global and diverse contexts. Leaders that can inspire others, and who have the ability to effect real change with their longer-term strategic  thinking and balancing tough strategic choices and priorities within organisational values and identity.

The programme consists of three modules:

Module one focuses on you as a leader; it discusses the essential elements of effective leadership in the twenty first century. It looks at the principles of leadership, leadership styles and leadership skills essential in your business environment. It will also help you to develop self- awareness and understanding of your leadership skills and style; challenge and stimulate your approach to decision making and communication preferences.

Module two focuses on you as a leader of people; Leaders lead people and manage properties and money. This module will give you the knowledge to bring together the team with the right skill set to achieve your goals and teaches you how to inspire them to become more productive and motivated. The course includes building and developing a high performing teams. We will discuss how you can inspire and lead your staff, timely spot problems and address them, and how you can find the balance between control and empowerment. In this module, you will learn how to lead others effectively.

Module three is about you as a leader in a global context. The world changes rapidly and an effective leader must adapt and adjust quickly to achieve success and maximise every opportunity. You will learn how to lead in a diverse local and global context, and how to influence different range of people without having a formal title or authority over them. It will discuss the art of influencing and networking to build your circle of Influence. It will explore the importance and benefits of social media and how to make effective use of social media to achieve your goals. 

Our approach is to promote active learning. We will use combination of questions, debates, case studies, role play, reflections and sharing to learn.  Our method will be flexible, personalized, process-based programmes geared to individual needs and concerned with the strategic and operational issues you have to cope with on a daily basis. 

The objectives include:
  • To provide the director as strategic leader with knowledge and techniques which will enable him/her to drive change and deliver results in increasingly competitive and complex circumstances.
  • To help them better understand the leadership dynamics of top management teams and allow them to constructively reflect on their personal approach to leadership.
  • To help them understand and appreciate the most important asset-their staff-and to lead them. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand different leadership styles and be able to identify your unique style
  • Able to adapt your leadership style to different global context
  • Familiarity of key practices for leading yourself, your teams and your organisation
  • Confidence to develop the capacity of your organization to deal with complex issues.
  • A set of implementable initiatives which progress both your organisation’s strategic development and your personal leadership agendas
  • Greater appreciation of the big picture issues and how to address them effectively
  • Opportunity to reflect on your own challenges as a leader and how you can exercise strategic leadership within your organisation.
  • Become an inspirational leader, motivating and empowering those who work with you. 
  • Build the confidence to venture into unknown territories, inspire colleagues and resolve difficult dilemmas. This is achieved through a highly experiential process that is intellectually stimulating, emotionally powerful and truly transformative.

Our programmes will stimulate you to think about your contribution as a leader, whatever your role. 

Who is it for?
  • Senior managers and directors wanting to review their current approaches to leadership and discover new capabilities; 
  • Those looking for leadership development to support a promotion; recently promoted and facing significant leadership challenges for the first time; 
  • Senior managers looking to learn from the experiences of other leaders.

For further details, contact adeola@we-can-leadershipinstitute.com

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