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"But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave." Jesus Christ (Matthew 20:26, 27 NLT)

The Four Cardinal Points of Leadership (Part 2) by Tunde Disu

A few weeks ago, we highlighted four fundamentals cardinal points that must guide the life and conduct of a leader in order to enjoy a life-long relationship and fellowship of followers. These elements are: Integrity, Competence, Inspiring, and Forward looking. We have been exploring the element 'inspiration'. 

This week we want to discuss some ways by which a leader can inspire the followers.

An exciting leader - Excitement is contagious. Be an exciting leader, have fun, enjoy each moment but do not pretend. When a leader is fun to be around, followers are more relax, they express themselves better and their creative juice is triggered to flow freely. When a leader is motivated and excited about the cause people will be more inclined to follow.

Be consistent. When followers know that a leader is as constant as the northern star, they will be committed to the task at hand. When followers have to always second guess the mood, position, views and attitude of a leader, they are less inspire to follow such and in some cases, they will work against the leaders’ plan. Confidence and respect is attained with consistency.

An inspiring  leader is very proactive. He is always thinking ahead. Imagining and forecasting what may lie ahead and how to combat or deal with them. He ensures that he has mastered his/her own environment with the goal of avoiding problems before they arise. He is proactive rather than be reactive.

Evaluation of events and programs is essential for any group to improve and progress. An inspiring leader will constantly evaluate and change programs and policies that are not working in order to achieve the corporate objective. He is flexible, adaptable and open to new ways and new ideas.

An inspiring leader always know the resources, talents and interests of people that are following him/her, therefore in order to inspire them, he delegate tasks according to everyone’s strength, capacity and expertise. This promotes mutual respect among the followers as they all recognize that each part has a role to play to secure the success of the team.

An inspiring leader must create access to information among the followers in order to prevent any trace of favoritism or stifle the quest of some members which may be the best way such people learn. An environment for freedom to ask questions and even make mistake must be encouraged because if you don't know the answer to something, the only way to find out is by asking questions.

An inspiring leader will always recognize the efforts of others; acknowledging, embrace and appreciate them. We all enjoy being recognized for our actions!

How do you inspire your followers?

Tunde Disu is the CEO of Established Word Ministries, an international multi-dimensional organisation dedicated to training people to maximise their God-given potential. An accomplished entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in the business and finance sector, he is also the founder of The Elisha Project’, a program designed to help churches, leaders and volunteers build operational systems to successfully grow and manage their ministry and organisation. 


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