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"But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave." Jesus Christ (Matthew 20:26, 27 NLT)

From full time Business woman to full time stay at home Mum…

The birth of my last child and my family relocation from South Africa to Canada has positively altered and brought about changing priorities into my life.

 The relocation was a joint family decision, even though it signaled the end of a full time working career for me in South Africa and the beginning of a new phase in Canada, but as a child of God, I welcomed the new season with glowing thoughts. I love new challenges and because I serve a God that backs me up, the decision to relocate got my undivided support and loyalty.

 Leaving my full time medical tourism business and focusing mainly on being a wife to my husband, mothering my children and writing part time is indeed a new terrain, initially it was hard to adjust, I was used to a pampered domestic life in South Africa and used to a life of business ‘busyness’.

 My daily life started very early in the morning - organizing a client’s medical procedure or the needs. The children and I was used to praying in the car on our way to school…I still remember so many answered prayer requests originated in the car with my children. It was normal to come back late at night,  after picking up the children from their after care program, having barely enough time to say the grace and have dinner together before we head off to bed.

 It was a complete turn around for me in Canada; I have 24 hours to work more on my self…what a luxury! I have more than enough time to write books…surf Facebook…lol.  And clean the house…wow! Basically be a ‘present’ mother that I was not in South Africa. I remember my eldest daughter telling me that she loves the way we live in Canada so much, simply because she has her mother’s undivided attention. That meant a lot to me.

 I have come to realize that our children grow up so fast and in our busy lives, we tend to focus on things that are not that important. I know many people might not be financially privileged to be stay at home mothers, but I will encourage that over the weekends, we should try and give our children the attention we deny them during the week.

 Financially, it is tasking to depend on one salary, but I have also learnt to be more prudent and value my family time more than my own financial needs.  Sometimes, I have learnt to say a capital No to a few luxuries I was used to and I have also learnt to be content just like Apostle Paul, but sincerely in all of it, the Lord has amazingly enlarged our coasts just like Jabez asked and I know He will continue to do so by His grace.

 Presently, I wake up to drop my children off at school everyday when my husband is either on call or out of town, I now own just a single mobile phone which I rarely use, gone are the days of carrying two mobile phones around. I now have time to attend all my children’s parents-teachers association meetings even contributing meaningfully to any topics raised. I scream less at my children because I am less stressed and more attentive. I know this new transition in my life is for a short period, in a matter of years, I may go back to the workforce but presently I am enjoying the ride.

 In this short period, I have grown in several areas…I have matured a lot spiritually, reading my Bible and dedicating more time to the work of God, I pioneered a book club where some women simply come to discuss Christian fiction and non-fiction and we relish in the simple knowledge of God’s miracles in our lives. Having the opportunity to I wake up at 3am any day of the week before my family wakes up, to simply pray to God, for my family, my friends, members of our Joyful Marriage Ministry and our book club members is indeed a miracle and I wish most women could enjoy that.

 I know I am still a work in progress but I am using my current status of stay at home mother to lead my family in living a more joyous family life with the help of God.

Mrs Ibukun Ogunsina
Founder, Joyful Marriage Ministry www.joyfulmarriage.org
Author of The Joy of being Married, The Joy of Being You and a Christian fiction titled Joy’s Blessings. All her books are available on Amazon.

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