Leadership Nuggets

"But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave." Jesus Christ (Matthew 20:26, 27 NLT)


Defining Concepts

Building; from the word build.
1. To construct (especially something complex) by assembling and joining parts or materials e.g. to build a house.
2. To establish, increase, or strengthen (often followed by up): to build a business; to build up one's hopes.
3. To mold, form, or create: to build boys into men.
4. To base; found: a relationship built on trust.

1. The act, process, business, or practice of constructing houses, office buildings, etc.
2. The act of constructing, erecting, establishing, or assembling materials into a structure.

1. The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.
2. The state of being connected by blood or marriage.
3. A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other in a particular environment e.g. in a family,at work, church,school, street or town.

Interpersonal Skills;
It is also refers to as Communication skills, Soft skills, social skills, Peoples’ skills, Life skills or Emotional intelligence.
These are the skills we use to communicate and interact with one another on daily bases. It talks about how well you communicate with people around you. How we react to what other say or do and also how they react to ours on daily bases and in different situation. With good Interpersonal skills, you build confidence and relationships.
People with good and strong interpersonal skills are regarded to have high emotional intelligence and learnt how to identify the best ways of interacting/relating with other in different situation.

Why Do We Need Interpersonal Skills
·        To promotes better working environment
·        To allows communication to be easier and more comfortable
·        To makes job to be done easily
·        To increase both individual and corporate productivities in an organization
·        To enables one to be a successful business owner
·        To allows one to be confidence with people and bring out your charismatic and enduring leadership qualities
What Are These Skills?
·         Empathy
·         Assertiveness
·         Listening
·         Sensitivity and observant
·         Respect and politeness (Angry customer)
·         Stress/Pressure management (Relax)
·         Problem solving
·         Decision making
·         Verbal/Communication (Speaking) chose your words, Clarify
·         Non-verbal (body language) e.g. Smile, eye contact
How To Improve Interpersonal Skills

For Employees
·         Be patience and avoid jumping into conversation
·         Listening to others first
·         Avoid gossip
·         Speak with enthusiasm (Smile)
·         Maintain eye contact when speaking 
·         Positive Attitude
·         Show interest in who you communicating with 
·         Be appreciative
·         Ask questions to understand better
·         Personal evaluation/reflection
For Employers (Business Owners)
·         Preach trust and be worthy of their trust
·         Treat your employee with respect
·         Periodically admit your weakness
·         Keep your promise
·         Support your team
·         Lead with your heart
·         Create growth opportunity
·         Show interest in your affairs don’t just pretend
·         Be an open communicator


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