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"But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave." Jesus Christ (Matthew 20:26, 27 NLT)

Title: Making Life Work -Purpose Driven Life By Begay Jabang

Purpose driven life

Why are we talking about purpose under essential skills for successful living?

·         Inherent/Natural desire in every person to succeed.  However our perception of success is driven by our world view.

·         Most people spend their whole life and time pursuing after EDUCATIONAL, CAREER, BUSINESS SUCESS.

·         Life is a journey it has a starting and ending point.  Some people are stagnant, others moving slowly, a lot are moving extremely fast but question is it in right direction.   Only a few on the right track and still in the race pursuing the prize of their higher calling in life.

·         What you do in between birth and death is to find & fulfill your purpose.
1.        Who am I really? – The Identity Question
2.        Why am I here? – The Purpose Question
3.        What can I do? – The Potential Question
4.        Where do I come from? – The Source Question
5.        Where will I go from here? – The Eternity Question

Why am I here? -"The greatest tragedy in life is to be alive and not know why Dr Myles Munroe

What is purpose?


The original intention for the creation of a thing. ~ Myles Munroe.

Therefore just because you are chasing after /focused on something your whole life does not make that thing your purpose. E.g. your ambition or your talent

What purpose is not- it is not Ambition i.e. when a man decides on something and makes it their life long pursuit it is called purpose.

Example of misguided purpose - Hitler
Important features of purpose

·         The original purpose of a product or service can only be found in the mind of the manufacturer or inventor.

·         When purpose is not known abuse (abnormal use) is inevitable.

·         Purpose cannot be created after the product comes into existence it can only be discovered.

·         Accomplishment outside of purposes leads to lack of fulfilment and frustration.

·         You cannot answer the purpose question without first addressing the identity and source questions (who and whose am I).

Benefits to knowing your purpose
When you are clear on your assignment in life:
·         It gives you a sense of direction and focus.

·          it determines the choices and decisions you will make in life (career, location, place of employment, marriage partner, associations) which will shape your destiny.

·         It helps to channel the use of your time.

·         it will help you attract  resources ( people and money)
·         It reduces the chances of people experimenting with their lives.
·         It eliminates the need for competition with others.

How to discover your purpose?

1.        Self-discovery; reflections, learning from experience, self-study
2.        Feedback from others

First two provide an indication of Potential but not a guarantee of Purpose which is very specific.

3.        Feedback from your Manufacturer -Divine plan


For most of us our lives are too busy, we also undervalue the importance of self- reflection and self-examination critical thinking.

No one knows you better than yourself you are with you 24/7. Study yourself over a period of time and look out for those things:
          you do automatically and happily,
          you talk about frequently , the kinds of conversation you can be engaged in without getting tired
           issues that bother you, you are passionate about and become a burden in your heart or obsessed with.
          Things you day dream about

Seeking Feedback and other people’s opinion:
Feedback gives you the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of others.

          Often others take notices of things we do well.
          People will experience our behaviours, quality of service or work, and they will take note of our talents and skills.

Compliments (OPO) - Are there things people compliment you about or always call on you to do because they think you do it exceptionally well.

One-to-one feedback – just ask one person’s view.  The risk is that you get one negative view  

360 degrees Feedback- Feedback from multiple perspective and gives you an holistic view about how others perceive you
          Ask a trusted family members, friends of what they think you  are good at.
          In the workplace what skills have been highlighted by your line manager or colleagues as something you do exceptionally well?
Feedback from your Manufacturer -Divine plan
This section depends entirely on a person’ belief system. The evolutionist’s Big Bang Theory and the Atheist who says there is no God clearly both rule out any preordained purpose as they do not believe in the existence of God. However all religions generally accept there is a God but are mostly silent on the issue of purpose.

 As a born again Christian, we share the concept of divine purpose from the perspective of the Christian faith.

In Jeremiah 29v11 God says for I know the plans I have for you, plans of peace and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future.

Many people who say they believe in God have no real relationship with Him. Instead they are living their life pursuing their own plans.

Steps to finding divine plan:

          Reconciliation: Because of our disobedience and rebellion against God’s will we have offended Him. All we need to do is to ask God for forgiveness for all our sins and then surrender our lives to the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ.

          Relationship : Now that you are reconnected start your journey of personal intimacy to know Him through;
o     Daily devotion -quality time with God
o    His Word  - reading and studying bible to know GOD’S GENERAL PURPOSE. who God is what He thinks of you , How He wants you to live , the inheritance , free gifts and promises He has given you (direction health, wealth, forgiveness)
o    Conversation – Talking to Him in prayer

          Covenant: Get to a place where it is no longer about what God can do for you but rather your focus is more on His Will for your life because you understand God has a plan for your life – Jer 29v11, Jer1v5, Ps139 v13-16 Jer33v3

          Hunger to be used and ask for divine direction: desire that your life must count for God which will drive you to pray and fast to seek His direction. 

          Manufacturer’s feedback: God will speak to you by impressing something on your heart, or through a dream, or by making a scripture standout, or by a prophetic word from Men of God- Over time you will know clearly GOD’s SPECIFIC PURPOSE for your life.
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